Sage 50, Sage 50C (integrations) vs. Sage One and O365 Q&A

The original Sage 50 desktop application with a perpetual license can still be acquired with the option of on adding on services and integrations.

Sage 50C

Our newest set of options comes in the package of Sage 50c (Sage 50C = Sage One + Sage Drive + Sage Payment Solutions + Sage 50 Desktop Rental*).

This option combines the power and productivity of a trusted desktop solution with secure online access and seamless integration with Office 365 (more on this below!) and reporting (coming soon!).

Sage One + Sage Drive + Sage Payment Solutions + Sage 50 Desktop Rental*

So what is Sage 50c? It's an add-on service new as of early 2016 that combines and allows the integration of Sage One (basic accounting, so invoices and payments fully on the cloud), Sage Drive (allows you to place and share your database on the cloud and to share access with an accountant or colleagues), SPS (credit card number storage secured online) and your classic Sage 50 Desktop installation (rental*). All of these products and services are included as part of the Sage 50C package, add-ons include EFT and payroll (auto tax calculations + e-filing abilities).

Note*: Sage 50 (desktop rental*) included with the subscription Sage 50C would become read-only when off-plan. There is an option to purchase a full perpetual user license.

Connecting Sage One and Sage 50

  • Linking existing Sage One account to Sage 50c:
    • Please ensure that you are setup under a new client ID when purchasing Sage 50c. This Sage 50c account will have a new Sage One account linked to it. Contact the Sage One support team at 1-800-873-7282 or email to help you with transferring your old Sage One database to the new account which can link to Sage 50.
  • View account balances:
    • Once the Sage 50c integration is set up you will be able to view client's account balances in Sage 50 entered from Sage One. You will also see the balance in Sage One, but that would only apply for transactions previously entered in Sage One.
    • If you have transactions in Sage 50 that are not in Sage One, then the Sage One balance would not let you see the complete picture of that client's account.

  •  Transferring data:
    • Sage 50c does not allow the transfer of transaction data from Sage 50 to Sage One. The initial connection wizard will pull list data from Sage 50 to Sage One. After that, you can only download transaction data from Sage One to Sage 50.

  •  Migrating data:
    • Currently, there's no migration tool available for upgrading out of Sage One. The company database would need to be re-created. Sage 50 allows you to create a company in history mode though, which enables the entry of opening balances into a chart of accounts, etc.  We have a detailed KB article on how to set up your Sage 50 database.


Limitations of Sage One vs Sage 50

One limitation is that, if you had a robust inventory, Sage One would not allow you to make invoices linked to your quantities of stock. You can only set up one company on Sage One. Think of it as a stripped down version of Sage 50.

Advanced items such as inventory, project management, payroll, customer statement creation, financial statement creation functionality is (for now) only available in the Sage 50 desktop application.

Other Cloud Product Options

We do have cloud solutions such as  Sage Live and Sage 300 Online that would allow advanced accounting capabilities fully on the cloud. The sales team can be reached at 1-844-789-5433 (Sage Live) and at 1-866-530-7243 (Sage 300) respectively.

How many databases can you link from Sage 50c to Sage One?

Your Sage 50c includes Sage One but Sage One only allows 1 company database to link to Sage 50 (desktop version). For Sage 50 (desktop install) there's no limit on how many company databases you can create in Sage 50. Regarding Sage Drive you can link up to 50 databases. Sage Drive. Sage One is basic in terms of this.

As per our disclaimer:

Only customers on the latest release of Sage 50c Accounting have access to the Sage One integration. The Sage One integration (in Sage 50c) includes a subscription to Sage One. If customer cancels the Sage One integration service, to maintain access to Sage One, customer must set up separate billing. Not all Sage One features are available on the mobile app. Mobile devices sold separately and require a data plan. Data access is subject to cellular provider network availability and occasional downtime due to system maintenance.

How can Sage 50c help?

Sage 50c allow you to keep your business finances on track while remaining compliant with taxes and reporting requirement, whenever you want, wherever you need.

Sage 50c keeps your accounts safe, backed up in case of issue with your computer you can still reinstall the program and recover your bookkeeping thanks to Sage Drive. Plus Sage One is located on the cloud too so you can access it anywhere. Useful if you are on the road prospecting new customers.

Q&A on the O365 & Sage 50c Integration:

Q: Can customers that already have separate Office 365 Subscriptions (either Business Premium of one of the Enterprise subscriptions) also connect to Sage 50c?

  • A:If you already have an O365 Business Premium plan then our sales team will need to be contacted to add a connector to your Sage 50C service enabling you to link your existing O365 account to your Sage 50 database. Sage 50 will only connect to O365 Business Premium. Please contact the team at 1-888-261-9610 Monday to Friday from 6AM to 5PM PST.

Q: Can I link more than one Sage 50 company database to O365?

  • A: Yes, you'll need to log into each Sage 50 company database individually. Then go to File > Office 365.

Q: How many company emails or O365 accounts can link to Sage 50?

  • A: Your Sage 50c comes with ONE Microsoft Office 365 license. Nonetheless, should you have an Enterprise plan, O365 can sync all accounts on Sage 50 and company’s emails as well.


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