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  • Training and Education

    • 1 idea
    • 14 Jul 2016
    Share your ideas on how we can help improve our training and learning tools, such as the User’s Guide, help videos, Sage University, Tech Tuesday Sessions, Knowledgebase.
  • Time and Expense Creation

    • 12 ideas
    • 8 Jan 2018
    Ideas and suggestion that help to improve the slips creation work flow and functionality. Submit ideas on ways to expand the usefulness of time and expense slip entry, adjustments, and status.
  • Sage Timeslips eCenter

    • 7 ideas
    • 9 Nov 2017
    Ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the usefulness of Sage eCenter. Improvements to online time and expense entry and client access functionality.
  • Reporting

    • 16 ideas
    • 17 Apr 2018
    Provide feedback and ideas surrounding the reporting functionality in Sage Timeslips. Suggestions such as ways to improve our existing pre-installed reports, report creation and customization, filtering and sorting and exportation
  • Integration and Compatibility

    • 13 ideas
    • 13 Oct 2017
    Submit your ideas of how we can improve existing integration tools and what new integration application prospects your business could benefit from. Ideas on expansion of Sage Timeslips operating system and environmental requirements.
  • Installation and Database Maintenance

    • 3 ideas
    • 5 Sep 2017
    Provide product suggestions relating to the installation and implementation of Sage Timeslips. Submit ways we can improve the process of “getting started” and maintaining healthy storage and use of your business data.
  • Generating Bills

    • 22 ideas
    • 18 Dec 2017
    Product suggestions targeting our bills and invoicing process. The category features ideas such as ways to improve the billing cycle, billing arrangements, accounts receivable transitions and balances
  • General Product Suggestions

    • 51 ideas
    • 18 May 2018
    Ideas and suggestions to help improve Sage Timeslips’ business usefulness, increase workflow efficiency, and address specific industry time and billing needs.
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