having trouble installing sage 50 to my laptop and need this program for school.

does anyone know how to install sage 50? I need it for school so I can do my work from home and im having sooooo much trouble on how to install the program. my school gave me the book and it says how to download but not how to install. can anyone help me?

  • Hi Linz

    Here is the link to the Student Education information:


    Below is part of what you will find on the Educations page:

    Step 3. Download

    Do not download any product updates for the Student or Education versions unless you are advised to do so by an instructor.

      1. Select which software to download.

    2018 2017.0 2016.2 2015.0

    1. Click Save File from the download screen.
    2. Click Run from the Open file screen.
    3. Click Exit when download is complete.

    Step 4. Install

    If you have previously installed any version of Sage 50 Accounting on your computer (including a 30-day trial), please uninstall that version, run the Student Version Utility, and then install the Student Version of Sage 50 Accounting.

      1. Click Install Sage 50 from the Sage launch screen.

      1. Choose preferred language from the Install Wizard drop-down list and click OK.

      1. Select Yes (recommended) and click Next begin installation.

    Note: If you are using Windows Firewall your firewall will automatically be configured.

      1. Enter your serial number.

      1. Click I Agree from the License agreement screen.

      1. Click Next to accept the installation location.

      1. Click Install from the Installation Summary screen and the installation progress begins.

      1. Select to launch program and click Finish from the Installation finished window to activate your software.

    Note: You must register before activating your to receive an email with your activation key code.