Student Version wants a Sage ID

Sage50 is asking for a Sage ID when I try to access the payrcheques journal. I checked the program starting screen and it's definitely the student version.

-Sage50 2015 Premium accounting, Canadian student.

-A different version of sage50 does exist on this computer.

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  • Hello again ,
    Thank you for contacting us. Sage ID is a signin for our Sage Drive service which isn't a part of the 2015 software so something is corrupt. At this point it may be best for you to contact your teacher, who could then contact us at 1-888-522-2722 with the school's Account ID to organize a support call.

    Questions we'll want answered include:
    - What is the "other" version of Sage 50 on the machine
    - What operating system is it?
    - Is it the Sage 50 2015 Student edition?

    At that point we can check if Windows Corruption on the machine is the issue and offer some suggestions / steps to take.

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