Under construction…improvements to the student area of Sage City

We’ve been talking to educators as well as doing some evaluating of the student’s area here on Sage City and have come up with some improvements that we think you’ll like:

  • Easier access to answers for technical questions
    Sage City is a rich community of industry peers, certified partners, and Sage pros, but most of them are not in the students area because, well, they’re not students. Going forward, information related to technical questions about how to do something once in your software (for questions relating to installation, downloading, or activation of your software, see the next bullet) should be searched for in the product-specific Support Community area (and questions posted there if you do not find what you’re looking for): http://sagecity.na.sage.com/support_communities/
  • Single location for questions relating to installation, downloading, and activation
    If you’re just getting started with your solution from Sage as a student and have questions specific to installing, downloading, or activating your software, post your question in the appropriate student forum (either U.S. or Canada)—and be sure to include which software you’re using in the subject line!

And don’t forget, as you become an expert in Sage software, you’ll want to be sure to get your certification (if available) on www.sageu.com as well as check out the posting from potential employers on the Job Opportunities for Sage Software Users forum.

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited Sage City, we hope you’ll drop in after the updates are made and check out what’s new!

Good luck with your studies!