Restoring Sage Abra Suite from Internal and External backups

Sage Abra Suite Customer Support often gets questions about backing up the product, including "How do I restore data from an internal or external back up?". In this blog post, I've provided the steps for accomplishing both, as well as links to their respective Sage Knowledgebase articles where you can learn more.

Restoring from an Internal Sage Abra Suite backup

Note: Each internal backup overwrites the last backup. A restore of an external backup may be necessary in some cases. It is not always necessary to restore Enterprise. It should however also be noted that there is no mechanism for restoring a backup from an external backup for just one employer. If an external backup is used all employers and the enterprise level are reverted to the point in time of that backup.

  1. From the Navigation Pane, select System, Processes, and Restore Data
  2. Select the company to restore.

After the restore has completed:

  1. From the Navigation Pane select System, Processes, Optimize Databases.
  2. From the Navigation Pane select System, Processes, Reform Indexes.
  3. Verify the payroll status for all pay groups within Sage Abra Suite.
  4. From the Menu Bar, select Payroll, Rules, Pay Group Setup.
  5. Select the Employer.
  6. Detail each pay group to verify which processes show complete/incompleted upon the 'Payroll Status' tab.
  7. Run the Pay Group Setup Detail report from the Programs\Crystal folder to verify the payroll status.
  8. Rerun any payroll processes that shows as 'Not Complete'.

For additional information, visit our How to restore internal backup within Sage Abra Suite Knowledgebase Article.


Restoring Sage Abra Suite from an External backup

  1. Rename the Data folder located in the AbraSuite folder for your install of Sage Abra.
  2. Locate the external back-up by the date needed for the Abra Data folder. This must be a full copy, not an incremental backup, including all sub-folders and files of the Data folder.
  3. Copy this back into the Abra Suite folder for your install of Abra.
  4. Login to Abra and verify your restore was successful to desired dates.
  5. Remove the renamed data folder forms the Abra suited folder for your installs once you are satisfied restore was successful and folder is no longer needed.

See our Steps for restoring Abra from an External backup Sage Knowledgebase article for more information.