Enterprise Mgmt: Why can't I select a credit note or invoice when capitalizing an expense in Fixed Assets module?

One way of creating an asset in Fixed assets, Fixed assets, Assets is by capitalization of expenses.

In this scenario user had generated an asset by capitalizing an invoice and then when he went back to add additional expenses to it, he couldn't see those invoices/ credit memos under capitalized expenses grid.

What is causing the user to not see the invoices in the list?

First we need to look at the setup of the linking between the expenses and the asset, when the creation consists in capitalizing the expenses.

  • What this means is that we need to check the setup for the link expenses in Setup, Fixed assets, Expenses-assets link (GESLDA).
  • Default setup has a line with ACGGRP (family) set to 'No'.

This screen is used to setup rules for grouping several Expenses on the same Asset, by specifying the Expense field(s), the values of which will be used to filter the list of Capitalizable expenses.

Upon creating an asset via Capitalization of expenses, a comparison will be made on the value of the these fields between the expense chosen as main expense and other Capitalizable expenses. Only compatible expenses, i.e those with identical values (or empty if the setup authorizes it) will be kept and will be possibly assigned to the same asset. For example if the grouping rule concerns the Supplier field, only the expenses made with the same provider as the one entered on the main expense may be selected to create or enrich an asset.

When adding expenses on an existing asset, the comparison will not be made with the main expense values but with the asset ones (if these fields do exist in the FIXDASSETS asset table. If they do not, the grouping criteria will be applied to the main expense valuation). 

  • Since the setup is set to look for expenses that have the same ACGGRP family of the existing asset the invoices are not listed. Meaning when the expenses were generated the family field is blank under Characteristics grid of the expense. You can confirm that in Fixed assets, Fixed assets, Expenses

  • If you look at the existing asset the Family field is populated.

  • When you click Capitalize the Capitalize expenses screen doesn't show the credit memo PCM00006

How to allow the other invoices/expenses to show on the list?

  • By updating the link expenses - assets filter to not restrict the selection to select only the same asset family we can allow other expenses to show up on the list.

  • Now you will have the option to select the necessary invoices or credit memos to capitalize an existing asset.