How to set up Automatic Sync for LDAP?

Two years ago, I posted a blog entry for how to setup LDAP in V7 here.

Since then things have changed and new features were added.

But on this blog, I would like to briefly show the changes that were offered as part of U9P5 and higher.

Before we start, a suggestion would be to review the course What is new in V11 and the course titled “Update users from the LDAP directory “ offered through Sage University.

Starting with Product update 9 P5, you can set up your LDAP Sync to run automatically in such a way that a Web server user with proper group and a matching folder user with proper Functional authorization will get created for you.

In order to accomplish the above, the steps below are needed. (Please review the original blog entry, since in the scope of this entry I am not discussing the existing fields that was discussed on the previous blog post)

  1. Open Administration, Administration, Settings, Authentication, LDAP servers. 
  2. Create a new LDAP server (most settings are similar to the original blog), I have highlighted two new section that is important, which you can review the online help for definition of these new fields.

  3. Click Save and return to the main landing page.
  4. After creating the above LDAP server entity open Setup, Users, Trade profile.
  5. Create a new Trade profile for a combination of a menu profile and Function profile, we will be using this Trade profile for the folder user that will be created automatically.

  6. Open Administration, Administration, Endpoints, Endpoints.
  7. Edit your endpoint and add the Menu profile and trade profile that will be used according to each role.

  8. Now open Administration, Administration, Groups and edit the group that will be used for the Synced users. A new field is added that will let you map an X3 group to a LDAP group. 

  9. After all the above setup is set, go to your Active directory and create a new user that is part of the LDAP group (that you have a matching one to X3)

  10. Now you can test the Sync manually. Open Administration, Administration, Settings, Authentication, LDAP servers and click on the LDAP server you have created already and select Update users from LDAP.

  11. This will show the result that your new user was created in X3.

  12. Finally, in order to setup a schedule so that the Sync happens automatically: Open Administration, Usage, Automate, Scheduler and create a new Automation Schedule.

  13. Enter a name and click on the Plus sign to add an event.

  14. Click on the down arrow key to view and set the date and time.

  15. Click Save and go back to the landing pages.
  16. Open Administration, Administration, Settings, Authentication, LDAP servers and click on the LDAP server you have created already and select Schedule user updates.

  17. Select the automation schedule that you have previously defined and click on OK button.

Conclusion: You can set up Automatic LDAP Sync such that for any new user a matching web server user and folder user will get created.