How to monitor the status of your Syracuse server(s)

Previously in this blog post, we discussed Sizing Recommendations for Sage X3 Web Server (Syracuse) .

Also you might have already seen V11 Architectural guide, in KB 81394 which suggests to have :

So how do you determine the health of your Syracuse servers(s)? You can determine the status of each Syracuse server by following below:

  1. Open Administration, Servers, Hosts.
  2. In this function you will see something like below:

  3. Looking at online help you will find the meaning of different Status results.

You can also view some detail information for each Syracuse server node by clicking on Detail information in each host entity. ( This function only works on the latest version of Syracuse on U9 and V11)

You also can use KB 85754 How do I view the statistics on my nodes? to view node statistics externally by visiting <servername>:<port>/nannyCommand/info 

But what if you like to create a simple monitoring service that checks the connection to your Syracuse server and if it fails, send you an email. This would be helpful, if for example, your Syracuse server is offline.

Note: Below is just an example , please test on production first.

  1. Visit Microsoft TechNet gallery and download Powershell Script for Website Availability Monitoring / URL Monitoring
  2. Make below small modifications , so that your Syracuse server would be called.

    Set the failed variable to Yes in case of Failure

    Added sending emails at the end , in case of failure

  3. So the above script, will attempt launching http://localhost:8124/nannyCommand/info and if it get’s anything beside response of 200 , which means the Syracuse service is down, it will send an email to the user. 
  4. The next step is to use windows task scheduler to schedule a task to run your script as often as you want.
  5. Review blog post How to: Run PowerShell Scripts from Task Scheduler for instructions on how to create a scheduled task to run your script.

Conclusion: You can create your own script to monitor Syracuse server connection , along with checking the status from Host entity.