Started a close and something doesn't appear right...what should you do?

Have you ever been in the time crunch, need to get the close done and then the worst happens…you have a power outage, a server disconnect or you get an error message. Then you wonder what should I do?  Let’s take a look at what you should do if you ever have something happen during a month or year end close.

  1. Make note of any errors that occurred or what event led to the close not completing
    • If there is ever a doubt check the Audit report under Utilities, Audit Report
    • Make sure that for every module there is a Start and an End 
    • If you ever see a start without an end you have what is known as a failed close
  2. If you have determined that you have a filed close the first thing you should do is restore the backup that was made prior to starting the close
    • Select File, Restore
    • Click Next Browse to the file you want to restore and select the file
    • Click Next
    • On the Begin Restore screen check the "Restore to New Company ID" box and enter new Company ID
  3. Once the backup is restored perform the close again
    • If you received a network disconnect during the original close we recommend performing the close directly at the server
    • If you receive an error the second time going through the close, restore the backup and immediately contact support at 800-447-5700.

Special notes:

  • If performing the close of the month in payroll and the close just appears to hang, end the close process and restore the backup and check for a blank employee
    • To check for a blank employee select PR, Employees, Maintain Employees
    • If the very first record that comes up is blank click the trash can icon on the screen and delete the employee
    • If the trash can is not available rename the employee to zzblank and contact support so we can remove the employee