Error: "Unable to Load Vendor Library" when accessing Enhanced Tax Reporting

The message "Error: "Unable to Load Vendor Library" may appear if an update of Enhanced Tax Reporting was cancelled during the update process. 

The latest Enhanced Tax Reporting update includes additional Microsoft C++ Redistributable files that are needed and will cause the update to take longer than expected.  The update will appear to hang when downloading "PREREQUISITES.exe" and you will see the screen flash to "Not Responding" and that is to be expected.  Please allow this process to complete even though it appears to be hanging.  We have had reports of this update taking 15 - 20 minutes but the update will complete.  

To resolve the "Unable to Load Vendor Library" error:

  1. Uninstall Enhanced Tax Reporting 
    • Click Start, point to Control Panel, and then select Programs and Features 
    • Click Enhanced Tax Reporting, and then click Uninstall
    • For further details, see Knowledgebase article 18728 'How to uninstall the Enhanced Tax Reporting' from Sage BusinessWorks.
  2. Reinstall Enhanced Tax Reporting
    • Access either AP, Vendors, 1099 Processing or PR, Taxes, Enhanced Tax Reporting and eFiling
    • Reply Yes to the message "The Enhanced Reporting software is required, but is not installed on this workstation. Do you want to install the software now?"
    • Click Next to begin the installation
    • The InstallShield Wizard will progress and when it is complete click Finish.
  3. Once complete select desired form (may be showing a previous year) and click OK to process form.  This will lead you to the Enhanced Tax Reporting Update page.
  4. Select Automatic Update when prompted and allow this update to complete (This is the update that can take more than 15 minutes and will have periods displaying the message Not Responding.  Please DO NOT cancel the update.)