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I am trying to help a friend out with their bookkeeping.  The business is a very small neighborhood bar.  They have purchased Simply Accounting Pro 2011 and it is installed on a computer at the bar.  The office is a glorified closet (literally) and is very loud and distracting when the bar is open, I work a 9-5 job so I am always here at night after that and it gets rather distracting not to mention cramped.  Could I use their Simply Accounting program on a computer at home where I can just take the work home and operate out of a functioning office.....If so how do I have to set it up...


Thank you for any help on this-it may extend my sanity slightly.Stick out tongue

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  • I used to use GoToMyPC to monitor and remotely update computers in remote sites, that were 'headless', i.e. no keyboard or monitor, just power and ethernet.  I once even did a remote install of LogMeIn, using GoToMyPC, then used LogMeIn to remove GoToMyPC.  Both packages worked perfectly, the only outages were usually lightning strikes.

    Galaxy Tab  (rather presumptuous name!) work with Microsoft Remote Desktop (i.e. Terminal Server.)

    I-Pad will work with LogMeIn and GoToMyPC

     I picked up a PlayBook @ Source, I haven't tried this yet, RDM+ is supposed to work with it Http://

    All of them need Wi-Fi, or a pretty skookum data plan if you're going to tether them to a cell.



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