W-2 State ID number

Every company that I have tried to do W-2's with the State ID number say if 4321-5678 would print out 9432-5678, putting a 9 in front of the number and dropping the last #.    Then they were being rejected by Aatrix and I have to correct all the W-2's that were handed to the people.  .  Was on with Sage for 2 hours on Wed. and they showed me how to fix this except on one company that is NJ.  On NJ it is coming out 352/211/842/000, and should be 160/364/743/000 and it will not let me change this # no matter what so unable to use payroll to do W-2's.  They said this is because Sage gave them the wrong (which I discovered was wrong on 2017 also but I paper filed them) but had problems later.  As said was on with Sage 2 hours Wed and they were never able to change the #, told me had to call Aatrix, and they told me they can't change # as that is what Sage sent them.  Who is going to fix this problem.

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