error: Peachtree cannot connect to your Peachtree company data location


I'm assisting on a Peachtree upgrade gone wrong (Peachtree Premium Accounting 2010). We decided to remove/reinstall, and now we get:


"Peachtree cannot connect to your Peachtree company data location"


This is the client install,....the data is on another server. I checked the drive mapping to the server, and it is present and working (and has been for years). I checked the ppa170.ini file, and the path looked good. I tried another mapping and path, but no change in the problem. Reboot did not fix anything either.


Launching Peachtree locally on the server where the data resides works fine. Firewall/AV not blocking. I've seen some mention of locked files possibly causing the issue?


Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated!


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