Script errors on the page

I have updated from Quantum 2009 to Quantum 2011 (SR2) running on a standalone 64-bit Win 7 pc. The program runs, but with constant interruptions warning of script errors on the page - see attachment.


The problem appears to be caused whenever an html help page is shown - for example the "What's new in Peachtree 2011" page and the various tips that show to the right of many screens. Anybody have any suggestions?

  • I have the exact same issue having "upgraded" from Premium 2011 to Quantum 2011.

  • I am having the same issue with a client, although this is not an upgrade.  Using Peachtree Quantum 2011 on Windows 7 64-bit.  Did either of you ever resolve this issue?




  • Hi John


    I gave up on this in the end as I couldn't get it to work on a 64-bit machine. Works fine on Windows 7 32-bit, but means this is the only software I have been unable to transfer to my new computer - a real pain!



  • This might be the answer.  Your specific question was not addressed and similar questions had no solution at this time.

    This was  "NEW" post.  I thought this might be the solution since the What's new is a PDF.


    Please report back if this does work so others will also have the solution.  Thanks!


    Knowledge center Answer ID 27188 


    Sage Peachtree R2011 install fails on some Windows Vista or Windows 7 64 bit environments with error message PrinterUti has stopped working

    When attempting to install Sage Peachtree R2011 on certain computers using the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems, the installation will fail at the step when the PDF port for the Amyuni driver is configured. This port is structured as a GUID, as opposed to the "normal" port name like PDF or PDF1 we would see configured on a 32-bit system.

    The failure of the Amyuni PDF driver and port configuration prevents installation for the users affected.


    1.     Double-click InstallAmyuni.exe.
    2.     Click the OK button to close the program.
    3.     In Control Panels, open Devices and Printers.
    4.     It may take between one and three minutes for the Amyuni Converter driver to appear.
    5.     Rename the driver to “Peachtree E-mail Writer v3”.
    6.     Uninstall Peachtree from the Programs and Features control panel.
    7.     Reinstall Peachtree.
    8.     The installation of the program should be successful.

  • Thanks, Shirley, but they are actually HTML errors (see original post with screenshot of error).



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