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status.dat error

I am suddenly having an accessibility problems with a status.dat error.  All of the sudden, the workstation cannot access the server data.  The only thing I can say may relate would be that the server updated to IE8 at roughly the same timeframe.
  • If you are running Peachtree across a network, then this error message is typically related to a communication interuption.  Click on My Computer and check all of your mapped network driver references to be sure that work station is still connected to the host computer.


    You may want to shut down all computers including the host or server computer and then restart the network.  Reboot the host or server computer first, followed by each of the workstations.

  • I have done all of this several times.  I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Peachtree on both the server and the workstation.  I did have problems with the workstation install, but once it installed properly, I was back to the original problem of the inability to access the status.dat file.  I have also gone as far as uninstalling IE8 on the server, but it made no difference. 
  • Check your drive mapping and then compare it to that defined in the Peachtree INI file, located in the C:\Windows folder.  Open this fiel using a text editor and look to the last line of the third section.  It will be labeled DATAPATH = F:\Peachtree\Company or similar path, ideally consistent with your drive mapping and the actual share Peachtree Data Path.  The Peachtree INI file name varies with the version and flavor of Peachtree installed.  I.E. Peachree Premium 2010 = PPA170.INI.


    Did you check your Share and Security settings on the Host computer's shared folder for Peachtree?


    Do you have security software installed, including Firewall Software?  This is a common cause of this type of communication error message.

  • Dear

    i am using Peachtree Quantum there som workstation locally connected they can work easily but there some using through remot deskrop but when 2nd person try to use then it is not opening and coming message of status.dat


    "File system error number:3032 in file:

    C:\PROGRA-2\sage\PEACHT-1\Company\STATUS.DAT; Click

    Help for more information.

  • The error message is stating that the program can NOT find or access the file labeled STATUS.DAT.  Either your shared data path for Peachtree is not as listed or you have a Firewall blocking access or a similar problem i.e. Permissions.

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