Little button, big results. PayPal Invoice Payments now available on Sage 50!

It's a little button, but it certainly yields big results. HUGE Results for your business. I mean who doesn't like getting paid-- especially for services or work that you have rendered. 

Did you know PayPal is used by 210 million people across the globe? We at Sage are excited about this partnership... Invoice Payments using PayPal is an easy, convenient, secure way to allow your customers to pay you.

Sage has partnered with PayPal to bring you the latest feature, Invoice Payments, in Sage 50 Accounting.

You will be able to invoice your customers by email and include a Pay Now button that your customers can use to pay you with a debit or credit card. Payments are securely processed online and deposited directly to your bank account. If you currently use Sage 50 and have a Business Care Plan, you can activate this feature today!

How to get setup:

1.In the Home window choose Services.

2.Click e-Invoicing.

3.Select PayPal & Stripe. Provide a primary email address that can be used to set up a new account with the payment service.

4.Select the Payment Service you want to use (PayPal or Stripe) and click Connect.

5.Select linked accounts to keep track of the online payments and the fees you pay to use the payment service

Note: If the payment service requires more information or has other tasks to complete account setup, check the email that you used when selecting the payment service.

Tip: As payment services become available, you can add them. To add a payment service, click Manager Service to open the Invoice Payments window.