July Update Causes Problem For Client

I updated my 7.2 server with the July 2009 update, then I updated my client with the client July 2009 update. 


Now the client doesn't want to log in and produces this error:

The Sage MAS 500 client is incompatible with your database version.
Client: 7.20.16; Database: 7.20.15
Please update the appropriate components.

I uninstalled the server update and reinstalled it. Rebooted all.  No change.  My most recent server update log shows:

[9/8/2009][3:35:18 PM] Begin Database Update Process
[9/8/2009][3:35:30 PM] Server: ACC10\MASSQL2000
[9/8/2009][3:35:30 PM] SQL Server Version: 2000
[9/8/2009][3:35:31 PM] Title: v7.20 Server Update
[9/8/2009][3:35:38 PM] Application Database: acuity_app
[9/8/2009][3:35:39 PM] Current Database Version: 7.20.016
[9/8/2009][3:35:39 PM] Minimum Database Version: 7.20.000
[9/8/2009][3:35:39 PM] Maximum Database Version: 7.20.016
[9/8/2009][3:35:39 PM] New Database Version: 7.20.16
[9/8/2009][3:35:40 PM] Begin Updating Tables 


[9/8/2009][3:37:05 PM] End Database Update Process
[9/8/2009][3:37:05 PM] Total Errors Reported: 0
[9/8/2009][3:38:08 PM] MAS 500 database update completed successfully.



What gives?

Message Edited by SageGuy125 on 09-08-2009 12:50 PM
  • Now that is strange.  No indication of an error?  Does a SQL trace indicate any errors on the back end when the upgrade is running?  If errors are occurring duing the upgrade they should show up there.  Also are you running this straight from the SQL Server itself?  If not try that and see if it makes a difference.  I have seen where trying to update through a remote connection does not always work.


    Message Edited by LouDavis on 09-08-2009 02:06 PM
  • Well Lou I ended up removing the client altogether, then reinstalling it and applying the update, and it worked fine.  So something must have gotton jazzed up on the client. I can handle that!


    Message Edited by SageGuy125 on 09-10-2009 01:44 PM
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