Sage 300c - Shortcut to Reports

With Sage 300c, you have the option of creating a custom list of Crystal Report shortcuts. This can be accessed through the reports shortcut on the Sage 300c home page. This will provide the ability for the Sage 300 users to run the report with ease.

In this blog post, I will be addressing the steps on how to add the crystal report short cuts in Sage 300c

Step 1

Create a Folder (Reports), in the Sage 300 Program Folder.

Step 2

In the report folder, add any crystal report that you would like to short-cut in Sage 300c. In this instance, I have created a customized crystal report AR Trial Balance Report (ARBALANCE).

Step 3

On Sage 300c homepage, click the option Reports icon.

Step 4

While accessing the Report Option, click the Add Report Link button to add a new crystal report short cut.

Step 5

Add the Report Link, add a title (AR Aged Trial Balance) and in the Report File field select the report that you would like to access from the report folder created earlier in Step 1 (ARBALANCE.RPT).

Then select a UI profile (Manager). This will allow all the users under that profile to have access to that report link once it is saved.

Click save.

Step 6

This report can now be accessed by all the Users under the UI Profile (Manager).

The Report Link is a great feature to access the Crystal Report quickly and is one of the shortcuts available in SAGE 300c.