Printing Reports taking abnormally long time since switching to workstations from Terminal Server.

Since moving my client from a Server 2008 Terminal Server to individual workstations, printing reports of any kind are now taking over 5-10 mins to print 5 pages.  This includes just running print preview.

I'm currently running Mas 100 ERP version with 10 users now running Sage client on individual workstations.  Each workstation is Win 7 pro 64bit with 8GB ram. Printers are Dell Printers using an HP Driver mimic from the Terminal Server.

I have attempted to try printing to shared printer both from the Terminal Server and also a print server.  I have installed the printers locally as well with no luck.Logging into the MAS server and printing the reports still prints the jobs in 5-10 secs.  I have attached computers directly to the same switch that the server is on, but that does not help.  I have tried to get outside help from a Sage Support Company, but they were unable to help and just said they cant do anything with it.

Please let me know what I need to do to the client PCs to speed up printing in MAS!  Every other aspect, Office, web printing all print normally, just an issue in MAS



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