Error #12: File does not exist (or already exists)

I had  rash of these errors the other day.

I've been told that this is a generic error.

Can anybody give me some ideas that I can look to to make sure this error doesn't occur any more?

I believe that we did experience some corruption in our Sales Order and GL modules as a result of this error.


Can it be a network communication error?




  • It could very well be a network issue.
  • I could be a locked file. Rebooting should release it if that is the case.



  • Paul, 


    Here is the error definition: 


    Error #12: File does not exist (or already exists)

    Possible Reasons:

    • Cannot create a file (DIRECT, INDEXED, SORT, etc) if a file of the same given name already exists.
    • Filename does not exist cannot ERASE, OPEN, LOAD, RUN, or CALL a non-existent file.
    • In [TCP] Can't OPEN, server is not listening

    Suggestion - Do a thorough evaluation of what was happening at the time the error occurred.  


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  • There are an amazing number of things you can do with your Windows security settings that can cause these errors too.
    "I can't find it" or "I can't create it" sometimes means "Windows won't let me".
  • Thanks I've been told that this is a very generic message so I'll start looking at what you have suggested.

    It seems to be leaning towards a network issue as I have seen some errors on the server that loosely coincide with the MAS 90 errors... We had a few 'Delayed Write Failed' errors right in the same time frame.

    So I'm looking at replacing the NIC in the server and possibly the RAM in the server as well.




    ps. Isn't it funny that the spellcheck on this fourm thinks MAS is not a word...

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