What is the difference between Sage 100 ERP Version 2013 Download and Sage 100 ERP Version 4.5 Download.  And then there is Version 4.5 Product Update 6 with 4.50.6 and Version 2013 with Product Update 2 (5.00.20) - how do I know which update I should be doing - and is there an order I should do them in?  I am currently using version 4.50

Thank you!

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  • cparks73 wrote:

    This is the Sage ERP COMMUNITY Forum.  Users come here to ask questions and hopefully get answers about their product.  If all questions are going to be answered with "Call your Reseller" then eventually no one will post questions and the forum is useless, which I feel it is now.


    I am an IT Profesional, two years ago when I was new to Sage, we paid our reseller to do our upgrade.  This involved several thousand $$$, 5 hours of downtime and several critical issues (oversights).  I just performed our next upgrade to Sage 100 and FAS, by myself, on Monday with 1.5 hours of downtime and no issues after go live.  I was able to do this because I asked questions and eventually got the answers I needed, no help from BigLouie. 


    There is a difference between asking a question like, "how do i reverse an AP check?", etc vs............ how do I upgrade from 4.xx to ERP2013? I agree, the forum is sometimes lacking, but look at some of the questions, "My SAGE are broken! How do i fix!!!!". Um, ok!


    If I went to the microsoft forums and asked someone to post the step by step process to convert my Exchange 2000 server to Exchange 2010, what do you think they'll tell me?


    Just like Dawn stated, their are good resellers and poor ones. Just like how it is in every industry. I'm very glad you were able to do your upgrade yourself with no issues!

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