Sage Approvals: Learn how to review, accept or reject transactions!

Sage 50cloud is now powered by Office 365's new feature:

Sage Approvals

With Sage Approvals Sage 50 users can review and approve or reject transactions that flow from the Sage Capture mobile app into Sage 50.

If your Sage 50 company is connected to Office 365, then you may use the Sage Capture app to take a picture of a receipt or an invoice, categorize the transactions and upload it to Office 365. The next time you open your Sage 50 program, these transactions flow into Sage 50. 

Note*: You must have a minimum of 2 licenses of Office 365 Business Premium to enable Sage Approvals.

With Sage Approvals you may assign some users as reviewers who can review transactions created by Sage Capture and either approve to add them to Sage 50 or return the transaction to the Sage Capture user if more information is needed. This gives you better control of the transactions that flow from Sage Capture into Sage 50!

How do you use Sage Approvals with Office 365?

You must complete the Office 365 Onboarding and Integration with Sage 50cloud before accessing Sage Capture. 

Step 1

From your Sage 50 company, select File, Office 365 Integration, Manage User Access to open the Sage Business Centre.

Step 2

Login to the Sage Business Centre and select Manage Users.

Step 3

Confirm that your company is selected or choose a company from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Configure User A (admin) as a reviewer by selecting the pencil icon, then Sage Approvals, and Save.

Step 5

Configure User B (2nd license) as a Sage Capture user by selecting the pencil icon, then Sage Capture, and Save.

Step 6

Any user with access to Sage Approvals will then be able to access the app from the list of all apps in Office 365 Online.

Step 7

The transactions created by Sage Capture users appear in Sage Approvals.

Step 8

Sage Approvals includes the Date, Transaction Type, Name, Creator, Reference Number, Amount, Photo, and Transaction Details.

Step 9

Select Details to view transaction details and Approve or Reject the transaction.

Step 10

If you Approve the transaction, it will download into Sage 50. If you Reject the transaction, you can leave a note for the creator. 

The user will be able to see if each transaction was posted successfully or not. If a transaction was rejected, the reason will be displayed in the app as well.

The next time Sage 50 is opened, the program will download transactions that have been entered in Sage Capture and approved by an approver.

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