QuickTips! Did you mistakenly delete an invoice before deleting a payment?


Mistakes happen!


Please note that it's not possible to delete a paid invoice before deleting its payment in any version of Sage 50. There is an audit trail that keeps a log of any transaction.


Reversed or adjusted transactions will show. If you have a backup created prior to the unwanted transaction, then restore a backup to return your data to how it was before deleting the invoice, see KB 10087 (EN) / 260-19835 (FR) for instructions.


How to Remove Vendor Credit Note

If you Void (you cannot delete*) the original invoice linked to the payment, you end up with a Credit Note which is easy enough to reverse. See how to Remove Vendor Credit Note or Prepayment in KB 75662 (EN) / 260-10000062 (FR).

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