Got Sage 50cloud? Setup up the new Invoice Payments feature!

What is the new Invoice Payments feature in Sage 50 2018.2 and how do you set it up? We'll cover this and more below.


With the Invoice Payments feature, you can get paid faster by accepting online payments from your customers by using secure payment providers like Stripe or Paypal.


How do you setup Sage 50 to use Invoice Payments?

After a quick setup, your customers will see a "Pay Now" button in the invoices you emailed to them.

Note*: This is an entitled add-on service, available only to clients with an active Sage 50cloud service plan and a supported version of Sage 50. Our sales team can be contacted at 1-888-261-9610 Monday to Friday from 6AM to 5PM PST for pricing and orders.


To set it up in Sage 50 :

STEP 1: Go to Setup > Settings > Receivables > Invoice Payments and click "setup payment service"


STEP 2: Enter and confirm the email address and click "sign up" then complete the RECAPTCHA box (notice the language options in the top right corner) and click Finish.

STEP 3: Select the provider,  click Connect, then enter and confirm an email address to confirm the account.


STEP 4:  Look for a confirmation email sent to the email address entered. It needs to be confirmed within 7 days of account creation or else payments made by clients will be refunded.


STEP 5: Select the accounts to keep track of the money you collected from online payments of the fees related to online payments. Click Save.


Verify Setup: After the payment service has been setup, the Setup > Settings > Receivables, Invoice Payments page shows the status as "Pending. " This status changes to "Active" once the payments account has been completely setup.

CAUTION: The invoices payments that your clients make online are downloaded when the Sage 50 company opens, if you restore a company from a backup or if you save a copy of the Sage 50 company, transactions will not be downloaded to the restored or copied company.

Now you know how to set up the new Invoice Payments feature!

Note: only CAD (Canadian currency) is supported at the moment, so invoices and the client's profile need to be set to CAD.

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