Year-end: Three things to do right now

Conveniently nestled during what is “holiday time” for many, year-end can be a daunting undertaking. But a little preparation can help make sure year-end doesn’t put a damper on seasonal cheer. Here are three things to do right now to get ready:

  1. Backup your data / update your software.
    If you are not using a cloud version of Sage software, then having a recent backup is critical. In addition, tax updates are often designed to work with the latest release. Save time and take advantage of the most recent updates and improvements by downloading the latest version of your software—just be sure to backup your data first.
    Visit Sage Knowledgebase at now for information on how to backup your data and update your software.

  2. Check out courses that help with year-end tasks
    Now and over the next few months, Sage University curriculum developers and trainers are putting together courses specifically geared to help you manage year-end tasks. Get ahead of year-end and let your software do the heavy lifting for you by checking out learning options—many available on-demand.
    ACTION ITEM: Browse Sage University at now for year-end courses designed to help you fully utilize your software.

  3. Bookmark Sage Year-end Center for updates. 
    The Sage Year-end Center is where you can find the latest year-end information, including 24/7 assistance in the forums from partners, peers, and pros; critical task checklists; and up-to-date product news.
    ACTION ITEM: Bookmark Sage Year-end Center at now for fast answers at the busiest time of year.

What are your best year-end tips? Join the discussion in the Sage City product support group forums and share your thoughts, ideas, and questions today! 

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