Missing Toolbar on Slip Entry Window

One of my users somehow lost the Right Side toolbar in TimeSlips: New Slip Entry window. See attached.

I have had someone else do this once but it was just hidden behind another window. I cannot for the life of me find this toolbar this time.

I have uninstalled the program, deleted the TimeSlips folder on the hard drive and reinstalled and it does not come back.

User can right click that space and get the options needed but she REALLY wants her Toolbar back. :D

\Problem inserting snapshot



  • close all open windows in timeslips. Go to setup - preferences - interface - restore all windows to default size.

    Depending on what version of Timeslips you have, the path might be a little different. You can search this forum for instructions if this is not the path for your version of Timeslips but it is in the same general area.

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