Billing layout question

I am trying to figure out how I can get an invoice to look like the following example to present to a court.  I have looked through all of the layouts and can't figure out how I can get all of this information on the bill.

Here's  an example of what I'm looking for:

DATE                INITIALS                  PROFESSIONAL SERVICES               RATE        HOURS        AMOUNT

                                                            Description, etc.....

1/1/13                TL                                                                                              $100.00         .5               $50.00

1/2/13                ABC                                                                                           $200.00          1               $200.00

                                                            SUBTOTAL                                                                                         $250.00

                                                            Description, etc......

1/3/13                  XYZ                                                                                          $300.00          2                 $600.00

                                                            SUBTOTAL                                                                                           $600.00

and so on.  If anyone out there can assist me on how to get this type of layout, or at least the above information, into an invoice, that would be wonderful.

Thank you!


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  • Traci L:

    Just trying to make sure I understand the question correctly....

    Are you saying that you are having trouble getting the bill to show a subtotal for each Timekeeper?  In which case Marc's advice should work.

    You could also use a Timekeeper Summary on the bill to get you this information.

    Or do you need help with the whole thing in terms of getting the details to print?

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