show invoice amount on TOP of bill

It seems like this should be easy...  (TS2009)


Our "normal" bill has extra information added to the "My Bill Layout" format where the invoice number and "in reference to" stuff shows up.  We're using the field "Discount: Balance if paid early" which shows the client's current amount due (based on past invoices and payments/credits/etc.


We now have a client for whom we want to just show the amount due FOR THAT INVOICE, and not just have it appear at the bottom of the bill, where it says "Total amount of this bill".


I have turned OFF (under Section --> "Configure Layout Sections...") the following:

  • Previous A/R Balance
  • Accounts Receivables Transactions
  • New A/R Balance

The bill pretty much looks the way I want it to look, but there doesn't seem to be a field I can select from the list so that I can show the "Total amount of this bill" at the top of the invoice.  Am I just missing something?!






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