Windows 7 troubles

I have just recently upgraded our office to Timeslips 2011 and am having issues with the one computer in our office that runs Windows 7 (32bit), everyone else is running XP.  The user who is running Timeslips under windows 7 is constantly reporting problems (lockups), when I look in the event viewer there is one of the following two errors:


Event ID 1000 - applcation error

Event ID 1002 - application hang


The application error seems to happen more often.  I have contacted tech support and so far they had me do the following (none of which helped):


- Disable UAC (I had all ready tried this)

- MSCONFIG - uncheck the Timeslips entry

- Reinstall BDE (I have also tried reinstalling the entire program)


Does anyone have any suggestions to what I could try to resolve this problem?

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    rbladmin wrote:

    Yes, that was one of the first things I tried, but it didn't work.


    Have you checked the power settings on the NIC card to make sure they are NOT set to allow the computer to turn it off to conserve power?  That is usually the default setting, so you have to affirmatively tell it to never shut off.


    Hope this helps.  

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