Timeslips 2012 - Failed to read from streamed data error code 2

Good evening - I have some clients just upgraded from 2007 to 2012 today on Windows Server Standard and a mixture of XP SP3 and Windows 7 workstations.  Install and conversion appeared to go fine.  However when they started using Timeslips 2012 stations got this error and so I basically had to restore the data back to post conversion.  All users have full control over Timeslip.cfg install folder on server.  So at this point they cannot use it . . . 


Any suggestions for this -

Failed to read from streamed data. The data appears corrupted: unknown object found.

Area: Streams

Error Code 2

Class tHdrFileStreamExceptionC


Exception tHdrFileStreamExceptionC in module Timeslip.exe at 000E5AF4


Hoping for some suggestions - if not I will reintall 2007 on all workstations I guess until I / Sage can figure it out.


Many Thanks

Jane Giles



Van Buren Consulting

Santa Barbara, CA

  • Users need full rights not only to the cfg file on the server but to the Timeslips data folder. They also need to be an administrator or power user on their computer.

    The error could be caused by their not having adequate rights to the lcnsregs.dat file on the server. This is a hidden file. If they have full rights you can try renaming that file and see if that makes a difference.

  • Thanks Caren - I will try that this morning.  I did check that everyone had full control over the P:\Timeslips2012 folder and the HCDATA folder is under that but I will check rights on that subfolder in case.  Thanks.

  • Permissions were all full control.   I deleted Locks and Login Db files from the data folder, renamed LCNSREGS.DAT and deleted PDOXUSRS.NET from the install folder.  One user is successfully in and waiting for other users to arrive for work here -


    Interesting that if this is the solution it is the same as the solution for error code 1.  Thanks -

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