Data Verification - Repair Errors

I am running Timeslips 2010 on a network.  I received an error message that data appears to be corrupted and I need to run Data Verification and Repair Errors.  It found 1 error and repaired 1 error.  I continue to get the message.  I tried rebuilding the A/R and Funds Balance for the one client that I was working on when I received the corrupt data message, and it said it found 1 error, but it didn't indicate that it had repaired the error.  I continue to get the message when trying to enter a payment on any of our computers.


I do not want to restore from the last backup as the last backup was last night at midnight and since then I have processed over 200 bills with all kinds of revisions.  What can I do next?  I'm freaking out !


Should I contact Timeslips directly for help?


Suggestions, please



  • More info:  The client name that I was working on when I received the error message is the same as the error found.  The error found says it's record #67880 which just happens to be a funds transaction record for the client I was working on when the error message appeared; however, I cannot close the client, or purge the client's A/R records or funds records.  How can I get rid of this client and I'll start anew?  How can I get into the database and remove record #67880 which is a funds transaction record for this client?

  • A certified consultant with data repair experience can help.

    On your own you will have a hard time if it will not let you delete the transaction or close or purge the client.

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