How to delete and add employees from database login screen

I  have deleted a former employee's security profile; however, her name still appears on the database login screen.  How do I remove her name?  In the same regard, I added a new employee's security profile, but his name does not appear in the database login screen.  I can not figure out what I am doing wrong.  I would certainly appreciate your help.

  • For the timekeeper you are removing, have you marked them as Inactive or Closed in the timekeeper list?


    For the timekeeper you are adding, have you added their name to the timekeeper list?

  • Okay J_Fox, you are sort of scaring me.


    Security profiles are just potential sets of security settings that can be assigned to a Timekeeper.


    The list of folks you see when you login is the list of TIMEKEEPERS or USERS. That is the list you need to manage.


    However, you should be VERY careful about deleting Timekeepers, because when you do, any time entries associated with them are deleted as well.  This is rarely the desired result.


    Add your new Timekeepers as needed, leave the old Timekeepers in there.  If it is bugging you or your users that they are in the list alphabetically, then just edit the nickname to have it start with ZZ as in ZZJ_Fox.  That way all the old folks sink to the bottom and are out of sight, out of mind.


    Hope this helps.

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