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Teamviewer 7 - Sage Timeslips locks up

  • Does anyone now how to get around the Lockup problem when using Sage Timeslips 2013 with Teamviewer 7 & Windows 7 64bit... It is Driving me Crazy...

  • Right now, it is just a known issue between Timeslips and Teamviewer.  Both programs work fine if the other is not running, so little incentive for either to figure out the conflict.


    Hope this helps.  

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  • No this doesn't solve anything... i have $2700 for a seven user system and i have to switch a $7000 support prgram to use it... we current support over 300 computers around the world and i need a better solution then just turning off teamviewer to use timeslips...


    i am getting around it for now by using TStimer through the day and then switching of teamviewer long enough to transfer the slips... i have 7 people needing to do this is costing me both time and money to do this process x 7 people.


    Hope to see a solution soon...


    PS ... it is definately a conflict between teamviewer and timeslps as it is happening on all 7 machines. the problem does vary depending on which order you load the 2 programs.



    Jim P.

  • MrRabbit,


    I'd be pretty upset too, but please keep in mind that this is a user community -- just people trying to help each other out -- not a forum of Sage Tech Support personnel being paid to solve problems.  Some of the users, such as Nancy, are actually independent consultants, and they try to help out a little bit here when they can.


    If you want to make sure your complaints are heard, this really isn't a place that will necessarily get to the "powers that be" at Sage.


    Good luck.



  • thanks for that...




  • You can uncheck the option to use the TeamViewer QuickConnect button. This will resolve the issues for you. (Extras-Options-Advanced-General advanced settings-QuickConnect-Configure-Show QuickConnect button.)

    Happy trekkings,


  • Thank you for this tip.  It worked for me with Timeslips 2011 and Teamviewer 10.

  • This is a VERY common issue for many programs because of TeamViewer.

    TeamViewer's QuickConnect button is attempting to install into the header of the application(s).  This alters the CRC of the binary file - a check of the integrity of the file - and it fails the internal security check.  Timeslips looks like it's been attacked by a virus, in essence.

    When you look in TeamViewer's QuickConnect area, there is an ever growing list of known application issues, and programs that even *they* acknowledge they corrupt.  For a rarely used option, it is a very simple fix to disable it.

    To address Nancy's original comment about "little incentive to correct", Sage can't correct the issue.  We don't corrupt our file; TeamViewer does. TeamViewer gives the user a workaround; disable the little used feature.

    The Timeslips Knowledgebase article 30978 'TeamViewer conflict' is available for your use

  • RogerS:

    Thanks for the additional information.  When I originally posted back in 2012 I didn't have that information to give.  I just knew there was a conflict, not the how and why of what was causing it.

    Appreciate the post.

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