How to combine employees direct deposit EFT files

Did you miss paying employees and ran another payroll only to notice when you create the EFT file only missing employees appear and not the employee you processed earlier? If so, there is no need to submit two separate EFT files to the bank, you can combine the EFT files.

To see if your software is set up to combine EFT:

From the Navigation Pane select Setup, Payroll, Payroll Setup, to verify EFT Combine has been selected for the Database ID: Administer Combined files from this database.

In the above scenario both EFT files have already been created.

To create the combined EFT:

  1. Select Payroll, Task: Combine EFT File
  2. Choose the Company EFT Bank
  3. Enter: Files Created From and To: the date when EFT files were created
  4. Click the double arrows to the right, to display EFT files to combine.
  5. Enter a description for the combined file
  6. Select the EFT files to Combine, Change No to Yes based on File Name displayed. Refer to the EFT Direct Deposit Report, to verify the File Creation Num is in the file name to select.
  7. In Local File Path: Browse to where the file should be created
  8. Select Combine

Note:  In Combine EFT there is also an option to select 'Unprocessed Files Only'