'Demo Do Not File' appears on Aatrix forms

If you receive 'Demo Do Not File' when you are printing your MWA or W-2 Forms, it may be due to one of the following:

  • Test drive was selected
  • Aatrix registration code has expired

Test Drive

Exit Aatrix and go back into the Forms and select 'No' to the test drive option.

Expired Aatrix Registration Code

To identify the expiration date of your Aatrix code, when printing the forms with the watermark Demo Do Not File, open any form then from the menu bar select Tools > Registration.  The Tools > Registration only appears in the Viewer when a form is open.  Here you will see your FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) and a month and year.  If the date has past, you will need a new registration code.  If you have an active Business Care Plan, the registration code can be obtained by contacting Sage HRMS Support at 1-800-829-0170.  Aatrix does not generate these codes, so if you contact them, you will be redirected to contact Sage Support.

Once you have finished entering your new code, verify the new expiration date appears, then close the form and the Preparer (if open) and select your form again.  Normally, you do not need to exit out of MWA.

If you have more than one FEIN, let Sage know and we will issue ONE registration code for all of your FEIN.  Make sure the FEIN you give Sage when generating the code, is the FEIN you enter on the Aatrix screen.

Once you have finished entering your new code, you can now print your forms.  If the watermark still appears, go back to one page (if applicable or to the printing option) to print.  Normally you do not need to exit out of Aatrix or MWA.