Quarter end balancing

Now is the time of year when Q1 is being balanced and closed.  To assist you in balancing be sure to check out Sage Knowledgebase Article ID 16760 - 'Quarter Close Tech tips for balancing'.  This covers the following topics:

What should be done prior to processing trial quarter close

  • Download and install the quarterly update
  • Run Quarter-end Audit Report
  • Print Standard Payroll Reports (Employee earnings, Employee Deductions, Tax Withholdings by Tax Code, Payroll Deposit Requirements and Tax Deposit Report)

Run Trial Quarter Close

Review Pre-close Reports

Balancing your data

There are helpful hints as to why certain reports and fields may be out of balance and what to check for.  There is a related resource section on 'How to run Quarterly Report of Wages Paid for Custom'.  Also remember there is additional training for Quarterly Balancing at Sage University.