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  • About those U.S. tax rules...

    Ideas related to how U.S. tax rules affect fixed assets; including the defaulting of tax lives and depreciation methods, the MACRS convention switch feature, tax-specific reports, and more.
    • 5 ideas
    • 22 Feb 2017
  • Allocating Depreciation

    Ideas related to allocating asset cost, depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation across general ledger accounts for individual assets. Applies to Canadian and Government/Non-Profit companies only.
    • 1 idea
    • 1 Jun 2016
  • Asset Maintenance

    Anything related to the asset life cycle in Sage Fixed Assets including adding, depreciating, transferring and disposing of assets.
    • 6 ideas
    • 21 Feb 2017
  • Asset Templates

    Ideas having anything to do with templates - creating, using and managing them.
    • 0 ideas
  • Attaching PDFs and Images

    Ideas related to attaching files to asset records.
    • 1 idea
    • 1 Jun 2016
  • Customizing

    Ideas related to customizing the products to fit your needs, including fields, depreciation methods, SmartLists, Asset List, and more.
    • 3 ideas
    • 6 Mar 2017
  • General ideas

    Use this category for ideas that don't fit elsewhere, or ones that cross several other categories.
    • 9 ideas
    • Yesterday
  • Global Task Manager

    Ideas related to the Global Task Manager (GTM). Applies to Premier Depreciation only.
    • 0 ideas
  • Group Manager

    Anything related to groups - creating, editing and using them.
    • 4 ideas
    • 28 Apr 2017
  • Importing and Exporting Assets

    Ideas related to importing data to create assets or exporting asset data from the application.
    • 2 ideas
    • 1 Jun 2016
  • Installing and Updating Sage Fixed Assets

    Ideas related to the process of installing or updating the Sage Fixed Assets products - Depreciation, Tracking, Planning or Reporting.
    • 0 ideas
  • Integrating to GL or AP Systems

    Anything related to integrating with other applications - from sending journal entries to the GL, importing assets from an AP/PO system, to sending information to tax preparation applications.
    • 0 ideas
  • Reporting

    Ideas related to reports - standard or custom reports.
    • 8 ideas
    • 17 Jan 2017
  • SFA Tracking - general ideas

    Any ideas for the Sage Fixed Assets Tracking application, including Network and Premier editions.
    • 1 idea
    • 1 Jun 2016
  • SFA Tracking - Inventory process

    Ideas relating to the physical inventory process in Sage Fixed Assets Tracking, including Network and Premier editions.
    • 4 ideas
    • 1 Jun 2016
  • User Help

    Ideas related to User Help - whether online help, installation guides, user PDF guides, support, etc.
    • 0 ideas
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