FAS with Windows 7 - part 2

I have now upgraded the Windows 7 computer from FAS 2009.1 to FAS 2011.1, (where Windows 7 is supported) and the issue is not resolved.

As I said before:

When our Head Accountant  runs Depreciation Reports using All FAS Assets her printout should be 6 - 7 pages.  On Windows 7 it is only 3 pages.  With the exact same settings on Windows XP it is 6 - 7 pages.  In addition, out of 154 assets, no assets below #125 will print on this particular report in Windows 7, possibly explaining the difference in number of pages printed.  Any idea why assets #1 through #124 will not show on the report?

I set up the old XP computer for side-by-side comparison of settings, but nothing of significance was found.

Does anyone know what would cause this?

  • Check for the Current Thru Date on the missing assets, to see if they all have the same date as the period you are running the reports for. If the dates are the same, ensure that assets #1-124 are on Active Status, and are not Inactive. Also, calculating depreciation (Depreciation > Depreciate) will not double any depreciation already calculated, and could resolve issues when assets are missing from the Depreciation Expense Report. If the issue is not resolved by the suggestions mentioned, you would need to contact Support at 800-331-8514 for further assistance, and to possibly have a Support rep remote in to help resolve the issue.

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