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Getting Started with Sage X3: This on-demand Anytime learning course  is intended to help you understand and navigate within the Sage X3 program and to provide you with training on key functions that will help you get started with some day-to-day activities. When completed, you will understand how to create an account, business partner, supplier, and customer, as well as enter some basic transactions such as journal entries and customer or supplier invoices.

Getting Started with Sage Enterprise Intelligence: Attend this online instructor-led virtual course to learn about the Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) reporting and analysis tool. This course provides a high-level overview and will help you quickly get started using the basic functions before moving on to more advanced features in SEI. Learn how to use built-in views and how to create and tailor views for your needs. After learning the basics, there are several advanced courses to take you to the next level of Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

Understanding Operating Budgets: Operating Budgets allows greater flexibility in budgeting and managing your expected revenues and expenses. Attend this online instructor-led virtual course to learn about Operating Budgets in Sage X3.

Creating Financial Reports using Financial Data Extractor: Attend this online instructor-led virtual course to learn how to easily design and generate company specific financial statements and inquiries using Financial Data Extractor in Sage X3. In this hands-on course you will create a financial statement by defining the appropriate parameters and calculations required to generate the report.

Find the right course for you: Can't decide on which courses are right for you?  Sage University offers suggested courses based on your role to make it simpler for you to make that decision.  The more you know, the more you grow.  Access the job role pages on to learn more.