Your Feedback at work

Whether it’s a survey following a support interaction or an annual loyalty survey, the team at Sage takes your responses to heart and makes every effort to let your feedback guide and direct how we deliver our products and services. In January we shared some of the service enhancements implemented based on your feedback; now let’s look at the results. 

You Spoke! We Listened!

Customer Services

  • Courtesy Callback: Thousands of customers took advantage of this new feature in January, leaving  a name and phone number to save their place in queue instead of waiting on hold. This freed them up to continue working on other projects or calls without losing their place in line.
  • Streamlined call handling: Our goal is to provide relevant solutions in fewer steps... but did it work? Yes! In fact, there was a 26% decrease in "Total time to resolution" in January 2017 compared to the average for the three months prior. And the less time you spend on the phone with us, the more time you have for running your business!
  • Appointment scheduling: For questions that require research and a call back, we introduced an appointment scheduling option enabling you to schedule follow-up appointments for a day and time that’s convenient for you. No more phone tag, and this feature is available year round – not just for peak season!
  • Extended support hours: We know that January is an incredibly busy time of year, so we extended our support hours to open an hour earlier and close an hour later, and even added Saturday service. This year, 6334 Sage customers were able to reach us outside our normal hours, getting their questions answered when they needed them and reducing the volume (and therefore hold times) during regular support hours.
  • Year-End Center  Every year we load up the year-end center on Sage City with relevant videos, articles, and forum threads to guide you through all the taxes, forms, product/tax updates and other year-end questions. Every year it evolves to fit what you tell us you need, and this year traffic is up 79% over last year as more and more customers find what they’re looking for there. Didn’t see what you needed? Let us know!

What's next on our list?

Based on most recent survey data, some of the areas you’ve told us you’d like us to work on are:

Colleague Training: Not just on the software, but how you use it to run your business. Now that our busiest season is behind us, our internal classrooms are filling up with colleagues taking a deeper dive on the products the support and how you use it.

Customer Sessions: This year we hosted several "Peak season study hall" sessions for popular themes or topics; based on your feedback we will be continuing this offering and including "Study Hall" sessions with major software releases

Reports: Your feedback on reporting capabilities, customization and functionality is being reviewed in depth and used to drive the product's development and future offerings. We also have options to get you what you need today.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

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We're here to help!

We greatly value your business and will continue to work every day to be a partner in helping you grow. And the next time you get a survey from us, please let us know your thoughts!