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Please click the below articles for assistance with year-end processes. All related articles found in the below links are made available. To view all of our Payroll Year-end visit the Direct Link to YouTube Playlist.

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Year-end processing:

Year-end tips (ID 24694)
How to create a copy/archive a company before closing the year (ID 17616) 
     VIDEO: How to create an archive or copy of a company (ID 80280)

How to complete payroll year-end processing (ID 18659)
     VIDEO:  Payroll Year-end Tutorials  (ID 51588)
Will my payroll taxes self adjust if I do not install the tax table updates on my first payroll of the year? (ID 55911)
How to troubleshoot percentage-based tax calculations (ID 17792)
How to access the 941 Schedule B (ID 41240)
How 941 and 941 Schedule B figures are calculated (ID 18708)
     VIDEO: How to reconcile your 941 (ID 80303)
How to gross up a net value check (ID 18032)
How to process allocated tips (ID 18645) 
How to process bonus checks (ID 18032)
     VIDEO: How to process bonus checks (ID 79431)
How to process Third Party Sick Pay when employer pays employer portion of FICA (ID 19284)
     VIDEO: Payroll - How to process Third Party Sick Pay (ID 51584)

Accounts Payable

How to process vendor 1099 and 1096 Annual Summary forms (ID 18046)
Cannot print previous year's 1099 after closing the year (ID 55499)
1099 processing FAQ (ID 56269)

W-2 processing:


New W-2 filing deadlines (Tax Year 2016)
What type of W-2 forms can be printed (ID 17612)
How the W-2 figures are calculated (ID 55689) 
Which  states require employers to submit Form W-2 copy 1 (ID 72868)
What W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms do I order to work with my Sage BusinessWorks? (ID 52613)


How to process W-2s using Enhanced Tax Reporting (ID 27775)
How to print corrected W-2 forms W-2C (ID 29943)
    VIDEO: Payroll - Processing and Correcting W-2 Forms in Enhanced Tax Reporting (ID 37169)
How to process and merge W-2s for multiple companies (ID 26831)
     VIDEO: How to merge multiple payroll data files (ID 80277)
How to correct a W-2, 1099 or ACA file that has already been selected to eFile (ID 72688)
How to print W-3 tax form (ID 55172)
How to set up and report Employer Provided Health Coverage on the W-2 (ID 17921)
W-2 reporting for employer-paid benefits for S-Corporation officers with greater than 2% shareholder stake (ID 54893)
How to set up and process fringe benefits (ID 20995)
     VIDEO: Payroll - How to account for Fringe Benefits on the W-2 (ID 37161)
Box 3 (social security wages + Box 7 (social security tips) cannot be zero (ID 71835)

Affordable Care Act:

Affordable Care Act (ID 54913)
You cannot access Print Affordable Care Act Forms (ID#: 5098) because the user ID, does not have the appropriate security access rights (ID 71922)
Affordable Care Act Resources

After year-end processing is complete:   

How to change my SDI or SUI limits (ID 28471)
How to download and install service packs (ID 17285)
What happens if the tax table update has been installed too early? #mce_temp_url# (ID 71870)

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