Third Party Sick Pay


I have been looking around and I do not see a way to enter third party sick pay in BusinessWorks. So, this correct?? If so, how do you go about reporting everything correctly. I have been doing it manually but was just looking for a way to streamline the process and have the earning and taxes included on one W2 with the employees regular wages.


Would anyone like to share tips/input?


Thank you! :smileyhappy:

  • I went through this a while back with Moderator Siobhan and here is what I can tell you.  It isn't incorporated into the program because there are so many ways to record sick pay.  However,  BusinessWorks does have a workaround.    


    I have a document that walks you through how to post sick pay.  I am pretty sure I can't post it on the message board because it is the property of Sage.  If you shoot me your email address through the private message system I will forward you a copy.  Or perhaps someone from BusinessWorks will step up and post it for all to see.  :smileyvery-happy:    






  • Thanks Ace! do I send a message??  :smileytongue: This was my first post so I am a little unfamiliar with the community still.  Thanks!!!  Haha!

  • could you send me this document also?  I am trying to find a workaround for 3rd party sick pay

  • Send me your email address via private messaging.  



  • Ace,


    I tried to post the document however it is 5 pages long with screenshots and it did not post in a readable format. 


    I too will be happy to send it to anyone who would like it.  Just let me know -  You can also find it in the Knowledgebase at To access the Knowledgebase you will have to register and have a username and password.  Once you log in, click Support across the top.  Click Sage BusinessWorks on the right side (under Knowledgbase).  Using the "Text Search" type in Third Party Sick Pay.  The article will appear and you will be able to print it or save it to your hard drive.


    Third Party Sick Pay can be very complicated.  Be sure to read the document thoroughly before attempting it and then, try it in a copy of your company as a test first! 


    Thank you!


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