How to "code" Credit Memos for reference??

Does anyone know of a way to "code" Credit Memos for reference in BW? For example our owner would like a way to use number codes instead of entering why a credit memo was done in the reference box each time. I'm pretty sure this isn't possible and we should just come up with a code ourselves and input the number in the reference box, however she wanted me to double check. Thanks for any input!! It's just when we run the Credit Memo report, it looks very busy on the page with all the reasons being entered by different users and they are not all worded the same way. Thanks! 

  • When entering a credit memo it automatically assigns a credit memo number.  You could deselect the next check box and enter a different reference number if you are careful to not duplicate numbers.   If the credit memo is applied to open credits and you select the open credit detail button it also has an open credit number that it automatically assigns.  You could deselect next and enter your own number as long and you do not duplicate the number.

    As for the reference fields they allow you to type anything.  You could come up with a code to enter in the reference field but there is no way to automatically put that in.  It would need to be typed in each time.

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