Refund a retainer fee

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Refund a retainer fee

  • I am using Timeslips 2005.  I am trying to refund a deposit to client.  Usually when client makes a deposit I use the function "Payment from client to funds" to record that deposit, when using that fund to pay the bill, I use "Payment from funds to bill" to settle the deposit against the bill, but how can we enter a refund to client. I have tried the function "Enter a Refund" but it keeps sending me this warning "A refund must be assigned a payment with some unassigned funds" . 

    I would appreciate if anyone can show me how to do a refund.

    Thanks a lot

    Trang Nguyen

    Frasers Law Company

  • Hello,


    This is the Sage BusinessWorks Community.  Is this question for a refund in BusinessWorks?


    Thank you.

  • THis is a refund in business works


  • To refund a customer deposit in Sage BusinessWorks go to Accounts Receivable / Transactions / Apply Deposits.    Select the customer ID and the deposit # to refund.   Enter the amount to refund under amount and under Refund Check then post.   The instant check screen will then display to allow you to print the refund check to the customer.