Sage Exchange Upgrade Available on Sage BusinessWorks 2017

If you have recently upgraded to Sage BusinessWorks 2017 you will see the message “SAGE EXCHANGE UPGRADE AVAILABLE - The Sage Exchange software has an update that is available for download. To upgrade Sage Exchange, you must first uninstall both “Sage Exchange” and Module SDK” from your computer by using Control Panel. Once you have uninstalled both products, please rerun this setup program and we will auto-start the upgrade process."

You may ask do I need to perform these steps?  The answer is yes, if you use the Sage Exchange Vault for credit card processing or storage.  If you do not store or process credit cards the upgrade is not required.

If you need to perform the upgrade the steps are outlined below:

  1. Browse to Windows, Control Panel, Programs and Features
  2. Uninstall Module SDK
  3. Uninstall Sage Exchange
  4. To install the Sage Exchange Desktop, from the Sage BusinessWorks launcher menu select Utilities, Sage Exchange, Install Software on the menu bar.
  5. Follow the prompts to install Sage Exchange. 
  6. Select Download and Install when the ‘Sage Payment Solutions – Software Update Available’ screen appears
  7. After the Download and Install of the software update, select Next to proceed with the Sage Exchange Setup.
  8. Select Utilities, Sage Exchange, Setup Wizard
  9. Select Next through the Sage Exchange Setup Wizard steps.  At the end, select Finish.

Note:  During the Sage Exchange Setup Wizard you may see a screen for ‘Transfer Credit Cards and NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE’.  If you are upgrading from V2012 or later, you can disregard this message because the transfer has already been performed.  The Transfer process is ONLY used the FIRST time you install Sage Exchange from an older version – V2011 or earlier AND if you are storing credit card numbers on customers.  See #32736 “What is PCI/PA-DSS Compliance?” for more information.


  • When reinstalling Sage Exchange, your previous Merchant Key and ID should appear. 
  • You must install Sage Exchange Desktop on each workstation where you want to process credit card transactions.
  • If you receive the error:"Setup has detected that the publisher of file C:\Docume~1\user\Locals~1\Temp\VSD3.tmp\SagePaymentModuleSDK\setup.msi cannot be verified" or "Can't open communication" or "Unable to start communication services" you may need to manually download the Module SDK files from  For more information on these errors see KnowledgeBase article 18890