What to do if the "Kind of Payer Box" on the W-3 is not correct

The latest Enhanced Tax Reporting update includes the ability to select the Kind of Payer Employment Code as long as the option was correctly selected on the W-3 setup screen. 

To ensure the right option is selected:

  1. Select PR, Taxes, Print W-2.
  2. Select xxxx W-2/W-3, where xxxx is the year of the W-2 desired.
  3. Select desired year and click OK.
  4. Run any updates if prompted.
  5. Continue through the W-2 Setup Wizard until you get to the W-3 Information screen.
  6. When prompted for the Kind of Payer select the options that apply (Note if selecting 944 that is the only option that can be selected).
    - In this example we are going to select 941 and Household Employer.
  7. Click Next >.
  8. Continue through the rest of the W-2 Setup Wizard until the W-2 Preparer grid displays.
  9. You will notice that the screen is divided in 2 sections. The left side is the Employee information and the right side is the Employee totals.  Move the scroll bar in the bottom left of the screen until you see the "Kind of Payer Employment Code" drop down box.
      1. By default, when 941 and Household Employer are selected the value will display 941.  Use the drop-down arrow to select Household Employer for those employees in which this option is applicable. (If 944 is selected on W-3 information screen the Kind of Payer Employment Code with automatically default to 944).
  10. Once the option is selected, continue verifying the values in the grid and processing through the W-2 Preparer.
  11. Once the totals have been verified you will continue with the printing process.  On the W-2 Printing and Filing Options screen, select Other Options and choose to print the desired copies of the W-2s / W-3.
  12. Continue on with processing.  On the Review Data screen notice, you will now see "Print 941 Federal W-2 and Print 941 Federal W-3", "Print Household Employer Federal W-2" and "Print Household Employer Federal W-3". Enhanced Tax Reporting will print the W-2s and the W-3s separately for each type of employer.