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We have two companies available to sign in to in BV: ABC Electronics (testing company) and OUR COMPANY (for example). We want to add THEIR COMPANY. What are the steps to do this? (thanks !)

  • Solution:

    This knowledgebase solution provides information on how to add a company to the Company Selection list.

    This procedure is required for adding an additional company, or when adding a company that has been accidentally removed from the list.

    ** This article contains an instructional video, click the link below to view **

    Follow the procedure below to add an additional company to the Company Selection list:

    Start Sage BusinessVision and login to any company on the Selection List. If the ABC Electronics Components or Your Company Name Here appear on the list, you can log in using BUSINESS for the ID and VISION  for the password.

    Click File, then click Company Selection.

    Click Amend.

    Click Open.

    Locate the Bvcon.fil in the data folder that you want to add.

    Click Open, the company name will be displayed.

    Click Add.

    Click Close.

    This is from knowledgebase article 24582.

  • The bvcon.fil is in the data folder of the company you are amending to the company selection list.  If you wish to start a new company , you use use the Sage BusinessVision new company wizard to create the data folder and all the required Sage BusinessVision files which include bvcon.fil.  I believe there is a youtube video on creating a new company that would explain all the steps.

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