Business Vision 2014 - Emailing two different contacts different forms.

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Business Vision 2014 - Emailing two different contacts different forms.

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We use Business Vision to also work within our repair shop. We can email invoices or anything we like to the main email address located on the left side of the customer form. We also must email quotes to a different email address. How can we set up different forms to be sent to different email addresses. 

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  • Hi John Gaw,

    There is no actual way in BusinessVision to send out different forms to different email addresses.

    The alternatives would be to product a print to screen, export to PDF and then email attach the quote.

    Third Party Add-On.

  • ICTNET......Once you print the quote to screen, click on the EXPORT icon and then select PDF form in the first field and MAPI in the second field, then the software will bring up a dialogue box to send an email to where ever you want. If set up properly this box will link to your email list and you can send to multiple addresses.

    Note: Windows 7 64 bit computers may need to add an updated Crystall.DLL to make this work.

  • Hi BVROB,

    Thank you and I am aware of this, but I was under impression that they were looking for complete automated solution.