How To

How to install Sage 50 Accounting 2015 (manual update process)? - ID 47873
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How do I update my version of Sage 50 Accounting—Canadian Edition? - ID 10088  
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How to install Sage 50 2015 (silent download & auto-install process)? - ID 48627
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How can I do a silent install of Sage 50? - ID 11725 
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Configuring Sage 50—Canadian Edition for a server environment - ID 10194
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How to install the Sage 50 Connection Manager on the server for Sage 50—Canadian Edition?
 - ID 10101
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How to Install Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting? - ID 16192
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Errors/ Issues

I cannot open 2013 to install 2014 - ID 18114
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Error: "Database engine timed out" when opening files after the Sage 50 2013 or 2014 install
  - ID 10086
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Error: "This data has been updated to a new file format and is now incompatible with this version of the software."  -  ID 12036
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Error Number: 0x80040702 "Failed to load dll: Reg 32" when installing Sage 50 Accounting-Canadian Edition  - ID 10405
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Error 1701, 1721 or 1722 when installing/uninstalling Sage 50  - ID 10407
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Error "The Connection manager service could not be started. You need administrator rights on this computer to start the service." - ID 15327
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After installing Sage 50 2014, I have two identical icons on my desktop - ID 17668 
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Will Sage 50 2014 installation override Sage 50 2013? - ID 16468 
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What are the system requirements for Sage 50 Accounting? - ID 10966
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Which processes do I need to allow through my firewall to ensure that Sage 50-Canadian Edition will operate correctly? - ID 10080
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If you are not sure which firewall program you are using, click the link to help find out.  RUN - Which Firewall Am I using?

Installation, Registration, and Activation Instructions - ID 11077
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Update download links      2014 and Previous versions - download links

Product download links

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition 2015 download link

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition 2014 download link

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition 2013 download link

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition 2012 download link


System Requirements - verify that your computer meets the system requirements to install Sage 50 Canadian Edition


Guide: How to get started with Sage 50 - Canadian Edition

Guide: EFT Direct User Guide

Find past user guides here